My name is Jimena Gonzalez Menendez, I was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico under my parents guard along with my two older sisters.

As a kid, playing with my toys was my extracurricular activity, my room was my own Neverland and I would play with anything I could play with, pretty much since daylight until sunset. I used to convince my mom not to go to my swimming classes, I liked sports, but toys were always first and while I was playing with them my sister Carla was training five hours a day, six days a week preparing for the annual National Swimming Championships. Watching her win gold, silver and bronze medals at the Nationals really caught my attention, I wanted to feel just like she did when she won her medals so I started to go more often to my swimming classes. A short time after that this sport became my new toy therefore it became my passion, my obsession, my life. I was no longer chubby, I had ambition, dreams to pursue and the best thing was that I had fun, not only by doing the sport I love but I met very nice people to share my passion with, my team.

As a swimmer I had the opportunity to be part of the Mexican National Swim Team, I got a sport scholarship in college where I studied Psychology and was team captain. I am one of the very few swimmers in the country that has participated in twenty four National Championships.

Through swimming I discovered CrossFit and a year from my discovery I decided to retire from competitive swimming with the only condition of giving competitive CrossFit a try and go for new goals in my athletic career such as qualifying to the 2014 Regional Crossfit Games.

On September of 2014, I will move to Denver, Colorado to initiate a Master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology because after all sport has been, is, and always will be part of my life.

What keeps me motivated? Since there are no limits in improvement then, why stop?